Iran Not Fearful of UNSC Sanctions

A0038307.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian official in Malaysia Sunday night announced that Tehran stands up for restoring its rights and does not fear likely imposition of sanctions by the UN Security Council.

Director of the General Inspectorate of Iran (GII), Mohammad Niazi, made the remarks while he was addressing a congregation of the Iranians residing in Malaysia.

He reminded that Iran has always been under different sanctions ever since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, and that boycotts cannot push Iran to give up its rights.

“Americans would not hesitate for one second if they had the required ability and capabilities for annihilating the Islamic Republic ruling system,” Niazi pointed out.

He mentioned that resistance against enemies is an Islamic culture and tradition which has proved to be efficient and successful, reminding that the same Islamic resistance by the Lebanese Hezbollah could force the US, Britain and Israel back.

The official reminded that the Hezbollah movement could gain victory after 33 days of resistance against one of the well-equipped armies of the world.

“The triumph of the Shiite movement is still more outstanding from the view that three of the most powerful armies of the Arab world, i.e. the Syrian, Lebanese and Egyptian armies, were defeated by the same Israeli army after just 6 days of war and they lost parts of their lands to the Zionist regime,” he continued.

Niazi said Iran has already proved its courageous stances and power of resistance on different occasions, including the toppling down of the former regime.

Niazi is currently in Malaysia to attend the first Anti-Corruption Conference of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

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