Supreme Leader Praises Government’s Performance

A0220417.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei lauded Ahmadinejad’s administration for the relentless efforts it has made to provide service for the public, stressing that economic justice should be the center of all government’s activities and orientations.

Speaking in a meeting with Ahmadinejad and his cabinet ministers here on Monday on the occasion of the Government Week (August 24-30), the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said the principal approaches of Ahmadinejad’s administration resemble those of the early stages of the Islamic Revolution and the era of the late Imam Khomeini and stated that the Iranian nation is now living in an exceptional juncture of time as it is viewed as a magnificent, glorious and honorable nation on the international scene.

He stressed that the government must make optimum use of the present conditions to materialize the pre-stated goals of the country and Revolution.

Evaluating the government’s performance during the last one year since Ahmadinejad took office and presenting guidelines for the different cultural, social, economic and political areas of government’s performances, the Grand Ayatollah noted the wide economic gap existing between the different social classes and urged the government to view economic justice as its primary and urgent goal.

Meantime, the Leader called on the government to fight against corruption and advised the administration to consider and observe simplicity in their life style.

Elsewhere, he advised cabinet ministers to pave the grounds for speedy scientific progress of the country and to encourage scientific studies and advancement, urging the administration to fully observe the rule of the elites.

The Supreme Leader also appreciated the government’s hectic performance in the area of foreign policy, and stressed the need for maintaining the present pace of activities.

He also reiterated the urgency for coordination between international economic activities and the country’s system of foreign diplomacy, reminding that the present energetic diplomacy must always be goal-oriented, preplanned, effective and efficient.

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