Judiciary Chief Lauds Inauguration of Arak Nuclear Plant

A0202510.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Head of Iran’s Judiciary said the entire nation is proud of the start of operation by Arak Heavy Water Plant as a giant progress in nuclear science.

Addressing a meeting of senior judiciary officials on Monday, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi expressed hope that P5+1 member states would study Iran’s response to the package of incentives away from US adventurisms and that they would not be affected by Washington’s destructive measures and approach.

Terming Iran’s response to the package well-documented and principled, he stressed that if Tehran’s viewpoints are studied from a logical point of view, it would certainly produce positive results.

The official mentioned Tehran’s emphasis on the Iranian nation’s natural and inalienable right of access to peaceful nuclear technology as the most crucial and positive point of Iran’s response, stressing that negotiations within the boundaries of the international treaties and IAEA regulations would definitely serve the interests of all the states involved in Iran’s nuclear case.

“China and the EU states seem to have realized this point,” he underlined, adding that the existing ambiguities would be cleared if the US does not embark on its routine hues and cries and if it does not rock the boat.

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