Police Chief: Bandit Operations in Eastern Iran Originate in Foreign Countries

A0179696.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Commander of Iran’s Law Enforcement Police said that insecurities and bandit operations in eastern Iran, which have inflicted great losses on the country, have foreign roots.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of a police hospital in Kerman province on Tuesday, General Ahmadi Moghaddam said that the hospital has been constructed as a measure to facilitate law enforcement missions in the eastern parts of the country.

He further termed anti-drug campaign and fighting against bandit gangs in eastern Iran the top priority of his troops.

Describing Iran’s eastern borders as the gate to drug traffickers and bandits, he said both problems have their roots outside the country.

The General stressed that most cases of the violation of law by individuals are a direct result of lack of job security and identity, stressing that the government should make every effort to remove the aforesaid root causes of insecurities and breach of law.

To conclude his words, the police chief reiterated the necessity for removing structural, administrative and financial short falls and shortages of the law

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