Iran, Russia Stress Judicial Cooperation

During the meeting, chairman of the Iranian Supreme Court Hossein Mofid pointed out that continued exchange of visits by the two countries’ judiciary officials plays an effective role in preparing the grounds required for the transfer of experiences and development of mutual judicial cooperation.

He also mentioned that Iran’s Constitution attaches such special significance to the judiciary power that its Article 156 stresses independence of the Judiciary from the other powers.

Mofid further referred to Articles 19 and 20 of the Constitution which stipulate equal rights for all the Iranian nationals with any kind of ethnicity or religion, and added that a human rights headquarters has been formed to supervise the good exercise of the said law in all the human, political and economic areas.

He said Iran’s Constitutional Law stresses freedom of belief and faith for all citizens, and reminded that all the different social and religious minorities in Iran are free to practice their obligations, asserting that freedom of minorities in keeping their religious beliefs and traditions illustrates the good practice of law in Iran.

The chairman of Iran’s Supreme Court, then, briefed his Russian counterpart on the legal proceeding of the different cases in the Iranian courts, and pointed out that except for few special cases, no verdict is definite in Iran and that the chance of pleading to the revision courts is always present for every convict.

He also said that his body tops all other courts in supervising their desirable performance, good practice of the law and unity and cohesion of case proceeding in compliance with Article 161 of the Constitution.

For his part, chairman of the Russian Supreme Court Vicheslav Lobedev stated that his body is in charge of supervising courts while it sets the procedure for the verification of the cases.

He said the Russian Supreme Court, as a branch of the governing system, plays a role in both presentation of judicial bills to the government and budget regulation.

The judicial official further briefed his Iranian counterpart on the detailed system of case proceeding and employment of judges in his country.

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