Mottaki: US Too Shaky to Launch Another War

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki met with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Farouq Taha who is currently in Tehran to attend the 3rd meeting of the two countries’ Joint Consulate Commission.

During the meeting, where the two sides discussed political, economic and consulate issues as well as international cooperation, Mottaki described the two countries’ excellent political relations a result of the political resolve of Iranian and Syrian leaders and stressed the need for the deepening of ties in other spheres as well.

He viewed the 3rd meeting of two countries’ Joint Consulate Commission a further step in consolidating ties and facilitating exchange of visits by the Iranian and Syrian people and expressed the hope that the joint commission meeting would succeed in exploring ways of boosting consulate cooperation and make new proposals for further advancement of relations.

The top diplomat reiterated the necessity of the two countries’ exchange of views about regional and international issues and said the two sides’ mutual consultations have defused US and Israeli plots in the region.

Naming Sharon’s political death, victory of Hamas in Palestinian parliamentary elections, and the recent triumph of the Lebanese Islamic resistance against Israeli invasion as new phenomena in the Middle-East which have altered regional balance, he stated that the US pressures have given rise to the stronger resolve of the nations in defending their rights of national sovereignty and independence.

Mottaki introduced US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq on the pretext of campaign against terrorism as a measure of deceit, saying, “Although it is now several years that the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, these two are still facing the problem of impaired security.”

He also stressed that continued presence of the occupying troops in Iraq has poured more oil to the flames of terrorism in that country.

The Iranian Foreign Minister praised the courageous stances of the Syrian President on current regional developments, and underlined that the US is now standing on such a fragile platform that it can’t dare to launch another war.

Stressing the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities, he said all the activities of the Iranian nuclear sites and facilities are in conformity with international rules and are tightly inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Mottaki also criticized the West for establishing a scientific apartheid and monopolizing technology.

The top diplomat finally expressed the hope that the remaining controversial issues in Iran’s nuclear case would be solved through negotiations.

For his part, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Farouq Taha said that the increasing development of ties would serve the two nations’ interests, stressing that Iran and Syria share single goals.

He said Tehran and Damascus are fighting with the enemies in one trench.

Also viewing the US and Israeli efforts to make up for their notorious defeat in the war on Lebanon as unwise, the official pointed out that Muslim world is feeling much respect for Iran and Syria as two hero states.

The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister further reiterated that Iran’s progress in gaining access to peaceful nuclear technology serves the interests of all Islamic countries, and underscored that Iran, as the flag bearer of Islam, is seeking no goal or objective but peace and assistance in international relations.

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