Ahmadinejad urges nations with strong faiths to resist arrogance

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Saturday urged the nations with strong faiths to resist and stand against arrogant powers. He made the remark at a gathering of people in the city of Takab on the third day of his visit to West Azarbaijan province in northwestern Iran, adding that the salvation of humanity is only possible by getting rid of arrogance. The chief executive said that any nation willing to be adorable should turn to God Almighty and stand against arrogance, adding that the Iranian nation has been doing this daily over the past 27 years. Underlining the right of the Iranian nation to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, he said that while their own warehouses are stockpiled with nuclear and chemical weapons they intend to stop the progress of the Iranian nation and prevent its access to advanced technology in the sector. “Iran has been standing against arrogance over the past years and the entire nation calls for its inalienable right to nuclear technology,” he said. The president said that the Iranian nation is seeking reason, dialogue and justice. “Our nation is against violation of anyone’s right. However, it should be noticed that the Iranians are not even prepared to withdraw from their rights slightly. “All the nations having gone astray have been influenced by the arrogance and the dominance of bullying and gloom,” said the president. He said that the aggression of the Zionist regime on Palestine and regional states for more than 60 years proves the hegemony of arrogant powers over the region and that their only concern is to lay their hands on the wealth of these countries. Meanwhile, the president urged that border markets should become more active. He said that this should be accomplished according to the government policies, adding that the neighboring states also need to prepare the grounds to this end. The city of Takab has a population of 61,000 people.

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