Enemies’ Awe Shattered Once They Err

A0186563.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Commander of Iran’s Mobilized Forces (Basij) stressed that if the enemies embark on committing the big mistake of invading Iran, their forged awe will be shattered at once.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the 4th meeting of the members of Logistics and Coordination Headquarters of Students’ Basij, Brigadier General Seyed Mohammad Hejazi described recent statements by the US President as rude and insulting, adding that all the world people know very well that Bush’s remarks are unfounded.

He said that the statements by the US President are rooted in his anger at Iran, and further stated, “And his anger originates from the US failures in the Middle-East region, including the recent defeat of the Zionist regime in Lebanon.”

The military official advised the US to relinquish the idea of invading Iran, stressing that as soon as the US dares to make such a big mistake, it will lose its forged reputation due to its frequent and shocking defeats from the Iranian troops.

He advised the US officials to give up their expansionist policies and avoid resorting to such hazardous measures which would inflict great losses on the world nations.

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