Iraqi Mujahideen Shoot Down US Helicopter

5571_1.jpgIraqi Mujahideen shot down Tuesday evening (Sept. 12) a US helicopter in the al-Bu ‘Ubayd area of ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad. The Mujahideen fired a surface-to-air rocket at the American aircraft, bringing it crashing to the ground where it was completely wrecked.


An Iraqi fida’i fighter had driven on Tuesday an explosives-packed car into a checkpoint manned by US soldiers in ar-Ramadi. The blast, which took place in the as-Sufiyah section of northern ar-Ramadi, totally destroyed the checkpoint.  US helicopters flew in over the area and at the time of reporting could be seen evacuating the dead and wounded.


The Iraqi Mujahideen had fired at least seven Khattab rockets into the US base west of ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad. Thick smoke was billowing up from the US base where the wail of sirens could be heard as US helicopters flew overhead.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a patrol of several American Humvees near a residential complex in the at-Ta’mim section of ar-Ramadi. Local eyewitnesses as said that the bomb completely destroyed one of the vehicles, wounding or killing the five American troops aboard


Iraqi Mujahideen fired six 82mm mortar rounds into the US headquarters in the middle of al-Hadithah, about 220km northwest of Baghdad The former Education Administration Building, which the US troops have taken over and turned into their local headquarters, took direct hits from the mortar shells, which set off violent explosions inside the facility and sent plumes of smoke rising into the sky.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US foot patrol on the main road in the al-‘Ummal neighborhood of central Hit, about 170km northwest of Baghdad. The bomb that was planted on the road that leads to the former Youth Center, which the Americans have taken over and turned into their local headquarters, killed one American soldier and wounded two more of them.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US patrol in the ad-Dubbat neighborhood of eastern al-Fallujah.The bomb went off by a US patrol on a side street at 11pm local time Monday night (Sept.11), totally destroying a Humvee and killing four US troops who were aboard.


An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US military column in the al-Ghazaliyah area of western Baghdad at about 3pm local time Tuesday afternoon. The bomb that was planted by the side of the road leading to the al-Ghazaliyah Bridge blew up by a US Humvee, disabling the vehicle, killing one US soldier and wounding three more of them.


 An Iraqi Mujahideen car bomb exploded by a US military column in the al-Mansur neighborhood of western Baghdad. The explosives-laden car, which had been parked near the Fils Restaruant, blew up as a US patrol drove past.  The explosion completely destroyed a Humvee and set three civilian cars that were nearby ablaze.


A high-yield Iraqi Mujahideen landmine exploded under a US Humvee on the main road near the al-‘Anud fuel station on the way to the refineries in the town of Bayji, about 200km north of Baghdad at 2pm local time Tuesday afternoon.The landmine completely burned up the vehicle and all those aboard it. Witnesses said they could hear the cries of one US soldier who was burned alive inside the vehicle.

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