MP Views Resumption of Nuclear Talks an Opportunity for West

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Member of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hosein Sobhani-Nia stressed here on Wednesday that resumption of nuclear talks with Iran is a precious opportunity for the west.

Noting the recent talks between Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator and EU Foreign Policy Chief he said that satisfaction of Larijani and Solana with their negotiations has confused the US and its allies.

He further pointed to the recent stances of Germany, France, Russia and China and said EU states have come to the conclusion that negotiations and diplomatic means are the only way to resolve Iran’s nuclear issue and that imposition of sanctions may not serve their interests.

The lawmaker continued, “Owing to its political row with Iran, The US may be willing to accept some costs in return for sanctioning Iran, but considering Iran’s membership in the OPEC and the volume of its oil production, adopting the same measure by the European countries would inflict heavy losses on them.”

Assessing the present trend of talks as positive, he said France, Germany and some other countries, including Russia and China, seem to be inclined towards solving the issue through talks, as they believe that such a solution would serve their interests.

Meantime, the MP reminded that western countries’ confrontation with Iran would escalate into confrontation with the third world, Islamic and Non-Aligned countries.

Representative of Neishabour mentioned that the recent statements by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair indicate his wrath, stressing that Blair and Bush have already uttered some stupid words in similar cases in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, “and all such reactions are rooted in the failure of the US and Britain in imposing sanctions on Iran.”

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