Haddad Adel: Powers Afraid of Justice

A0217784.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Parliament Speaker said that the world powers are fearful of justice and call terrorist anyone who fights against aggressors for the sake of his homeland’s independence.

According to a statement released by the Information and Press Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Gholam Ali Haddad Adel made the aforementioned remarks while he was addressing a congregation of students and professors of Kyrgyzstan’s National University on Thursday.

“These Powers never ask about the origin and the root causes of the sinister phenomenon of terrorism in the contemporary world,” he continued.

Stating that the world powers are afraid of the meaning and concept of justice, he asserted, “They call anyone who wants to safeguard his culture and beliefs an opponent of freedom and human rights.”

“According to them, whoever transfers the authority of his country and the leadership of his people to these powers is a supporter and proponent of freedom and human rights,” he added.

Also pointing to the Zionist regime’s invasion of Lebanon, the Parliament Speaker stated, “Today, one month after the Israeli aggression, there has remained nothing but piles and hills of debris and, yet more important, the broken hearts of the Lebanese.”

Elsewhere, he said that powers strive to introduce successes of the young Iranian scientists in the field of the peaceful nuclear energy as a threat to the world people, “while they themselves are well aware of the fact that there has never been any diversion in Iran’s nuclear activities towards military purposes.”

The speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly mentioned, “In a world filled with inequalities, it is the duty of all academicians to endeavor to awaken the world nations, while they must familiarize their nations with justice and encourage them to defend their culture and ideals.”

Elsewhere, the chief legislative official stated Iran’s inclination for friendship and cooperation with Kyrgyzstan and stressed that officials of both countries are decisive to develop and reinvigorate Iran-Kyrgyzstan cooperation.

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