VP: Enemies Seeking Instability in Iraq

A0170719.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s first Vice-President Parviz Dawoodi stated during his second round of talks with the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki here on Wednesday that enemies of Iraq are seeking to destabilize that country and undermine the popular pillars of the Iraqi government.

A statement released by the Presidential Press Office said that also during the second round of talks between senior Iranian and Iraqi officials, Dawoodi noted the age-old historical relations as well as the cultural and religious commonalities shared by the two nations.

Pointing to the formation of the Iraqi popular government, he stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not perceive any restrictions for transferring its experiences to Iraq.

Dawoodi further voiced Tehran’s preparedness to promote ties and cooperation with Iraq in a bid to help to the reconstruction and progress of that country.

Stating that development of ties with the neighboring and Muslim states sets a priority for the Islamic Republic foreign policy, he reminded that his country has always attached special significance to relations with Iraq.

The Iranian first Vice-President further stated Iran’s readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi government in various grounds, including supply of energy, housing projects, transportation, economic investments and trade.

Referring to the struggles waged by the Iraqi people and statesmen for liberating their country, he reminded that enemies of Iraq are seeking to destabilize that country and undermine the popular pillars of the Iraqi government, “but the popular government of Iraq will pave the ground for the reconstruction and progress of that country through industrious and tireless efforts.

He also noted the two nations’ love for the infallible household of the Prophet ? Shiites’ Imams, the shrines of most of whom are located in Iraq ? and expressed the hope that the required grounds would soon be paved through supports of the two countries’ officials for the reconstruction of the shrine of the Shiites’ Imams and pilgrimage of the Iranian citizens.

For his part, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki appreciated the Iranian officials, specially President Ahmadinejad, for their warm hospitality, and described his visit to Tehran as successful.

He further called for the immediate implementation of the two countries’ cooperation agreements.

The Iraqi Premier also referred to the different cooperation grounds existing between Iran and Iraq in the different economic and political areas and expressed the hope that the two states could remove the impediments that reside in the way of the implementation of their cooperation agreements and memoranda of understanding through the formation of a technical committee attended by Iranian and Iraqi ministers.

“Once this is done, we could use the valuable experiences of Iran in various grounds, specially in investment, transfer of oil and gas and air transportation,” he concluded.

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