Russia’s Central Bank Deputy Chairman Reportedly Murdered by Kadyrov

5627_1.jpgA source in the Special Department (SD) of State Defense Commitee-CRI Majlisul Shura told the Kavkaz Center that the SD knew who had ordered and who had carried out the killing of the Russia’s Central Bank Deputy Chairman Andrei Kozlov.

 The source claims that the murder was ordered by Mikhail Gutseriev, the actual owner of the BIN Bank and the former owner of the Slavneft Company. Kozlov was killed by the gangsters of the pro-Moscow puppet Chechen “strongman” Ramzan Kadyrov, the source says citing DS intelligence. Gutseriev is said to gave paid to Ramsan Kadyrov US $ 7.500,000 (or US $ 10.500,000 according to other data) for the murder.


Last year Kozlov ordered a FSB raid of the BIN Bank office, and in 2002 he was presumably responsible fot the confiscation of US $ 3.800,000 plus about US $ 400,000 in Russian currency belonging to the BIN Bank at an airport.


The SD claims receiving this intelligence data from an agent in the inner cicle of Ramzan Kadyrov, supervising  the groups of Kadyrov’s killers.

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