Ahmadinejad: We hope Europeans will seize opportunity to continue talks with Iran

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday hoped that the Europeans will seize the opportunity created by the Islamic Republic of Iran and return to the right track.

Addressing enthusiastic people in Firouzkouh, he said the Iranians are a peaceful nation seeking to deal with the problems through negotiations.

This honorable nation has given another chance to their malevolent enemies to revise their deeds by overlooking their wrongdoings in the past 27 years, he said.

“We hope the European countries would seize the opportunity as granted and revise their wrong policies,” he said.

“We believe that some of big powers are ignorant to ethics and justice, they do not believe that affection and kindness is much better than violence, they cannot believe that pen, thought and culture would be much better than weapon and nuclear bomb,” he said.

Underlining the fact that Iranian nation are peace-seeking and advocates of dialogue, he said the Iranian nation would under no circumstances yield to bullying powers and would never turn back from the proper course they have embarked on.

The Iranian nation is free, dignified and invincible and those who seek to trample on their rights through intimidation or sanctions are mistaken, he said.

Iranian nation are vigilant and would defend their legitimate rights, he underlined.

Inviting the hegemony powers to the path of divine messengers, he said, “We invite you all to the path of holy prophets but if you ignore this you should be certain that your destiny would be the same as Nimrod, Pharaoh and Korah.”
The colonial powers posed threat to free nations and when they become disappointed from military threats they seek to impose economic sanctions against them, he said.

He referred to the crimes and atrocities of the Zionists and their American supporters in Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq as good examples of this.

“We all should collectively cooperate and make our country an exemplary model in the region and the world,” he said.

“To construct our country we should administer justice and create job opportunities for unemployed,” he underlined.

President Ahmadinejad left Firouzkouh for Damavand this afternoon.

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