Ahmadinejad: Our mission is to construct Iran

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday vowed to construct the Islamic Republic of Iran to attain its status of a deserving nation.

Speaking for thousands of fasting people in Damavand, he said there should be lots of things to be done in order to construct a desirable country for noble Iranian nation.

Referring to recent threats of economic sanctions against Iran, he said, “It is for about 27 years that you have imposed economic sanctions on our nation and even refuse to sell the smallest of spare parts to us.

“(Despite this) Our nation, through reliance on its youths and trust in God, has attained scientific success in nuclear energy, and would be able to construct a desirable country to meet its nations morals.”
He said, “Our united nation by relying on almighty God has stood against bullying powers and will defend its peaceful and logical rights through legal means.”
The president underlined, “Our peaceful nation is against invasions and seeks to resolve all issues through dialogue and never give up even one iota of its legitimate rights.

“Our nation is the vanguard of freedom and pursues the spirit of justice-seeking in the world.”
All tyrannies in the world has roots in injustice, he said.

Bullying powers trample in the legitimate rights of nations and confront their independence while claiming to advocates of human rights as in Vietnam, Lebanon and World War II, he said adding that all these occur because the big powers are away from the path of prophet, faith, justice and monotheism.

“Our message to the bullying powers is to stop injustice and massacres. We invite you to listen to God since this will bring you justice and kindness, as well as to observe human rights and morality,” he said.

Inviting the hegemony powers to the path of divine messengers, he said, “We invite you all to the path of holy prophets but if you ignore this you should be certain that your fate would be the same as Nimrod, Pharaoh and Korah and their puppet ‘Saddam Hussein’.”

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