Iran Decisive to Go On with Enrichment Activities

A02293602.jpgAccording to a statement released by the presidential Press Office, Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a cabinet meeting on Sunday afternoon, where he said that some bullying powers, due to their expansionist policies, seek to exercise hegemony over other countries through their technical possibilities and instruments.

“They are opposing Iran’s access to the nuclear fuel production cycle due to political reasons. But despite the fact that they have made their optimum efforts to block Iran’s progress, they have not succeeded in achieving the least results. Today, they intend to attain their goals through intimidation and threats, but our vigilant, mighty and strong nation is standing up to them very rigidly and it may never give up even an iota of its nuclear rights,” he continued.

Meantime, the President stressed Iran’s enthusiasm for negotiation, peace and compliance with the international rule and regulations.

He said Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities are in full accordance with the international rules and treaties, “and thus, the Iranian nation will continue its present path irrespective of the West’s hues and cries.”

The chief executive official reminded that his country has paved the long way of success in the last 27 years despite all the animosities shown by the western world, including the imposition of economic embargoes, adding, “All the progress we have made so far is totally indebted to our resistance, and thus, we will certainly follow suit in the case of our nuclear issue.”

Elsewhere the Iranian President pointed to the recent sacrilege of the Islamic values by the Danish TV, saying that the measure indicates the profound weakness and failure of the pioneers of liberalism.

“Any sane person who, at least, enjoys common sense may not dare to insult the holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH),” he stressed.

Ahmadinejad said those who have directed the said insults at Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are void of human values, and continued, “While some states imprison their scientists and researchers on charges of questioning or rejecting the Holocaust, they keep silent over insults to the Prophet of Islam.”

Addressing the West, the Iranian President warned, “But beware of your actions, since if you continue such measures, you have to face uncontrollable consequences.”

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