1 Million Unregistered Afghans Living in Iran

A01037354.jpgAddressing the 11th trilateral summit of Afghan Refugees Repatriation in Geneva, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi lashed out at the international community for reserving sufficient aid and assistance to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan, which he said has led to a worrying return of the Afghan refugees to Iran.

He described terrorism and cultivation of narcotics as two issues threatening the world community, which he said have made the return of thousands of Afghan refugees to Iran and their permanent settlement in Iran more worrisome, reminding that international credits do not cover even a small portion of the expenses that the Iranian government sustains as a result of the return of the Afghan refugees to Iran.

“But I have come here not just to talk about credits, but to warn the international community,” the minister stressed.

Briefing the participants about the current situation along the Iran-Turkey borders, he said police forces have arrested 14 thousand illegal immigrants at the country’s borders with Turkey.

Pour-Mohammadi reminded that the Iranian government has so far acted as a barrier against illegal immigrations, and further warned about increased figures of illegal immigration.

He called on the international community, specially those countries which are the main targets of illegal immigrants, to acquire a better understanding of the present conditions.

Also during the ceremony, ambassadors of Pakistan, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Finland appreciated Iran’s generosity in assisting the refugees.

Elsewhere during the same ceremony, Iranian Interior Minister and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) signed an agreement on a 5 million-dollar project for the training of the forces required for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The trilateral summit of Afghan Refugees Repatriation will wrap up work on Wednesday.

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