N. Korea’s Nuclear Test Provoked by US Attitude

A01037353.jpg“The world will enjoy true peace and security in case the big powers, the US in particular, are disarmed. Hence, worldwide nuclear disarmament is the solution to the establishment of global peace and security and this must first start with those world powers who own such weapons,” Gholam Hosein Elham said in his weekly press briefing here on Tuesday.

He voiced Iran’s insistence on the disarmament of all nuclear states, and reminded, “Iran’s opposition to the nuclear weapons rises from the Iranian nation’s beliefs and ideology.”

The spokesman further called on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to move on the path of progress and modern technologies and meantime, refrain from practicing injustice and discrimination when dealing with international issues, adding, “Injustice and discrimination in practicing international treaties is followed by such undesirable consequences as threats.”

The Iranian Government Spokesman also stressed that the nuclear disarmament in the Middle-East should start with the Zionist regime.

Asked if the Iranian government has any recommendations for the group 5+1 (i.e. the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany), he stated, “We advise them to observe justice and international rules and regulations.”

He said if Iran’s justice-centered approach is followed by others, then it would yield much benefit to all the world states.

Reminding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an advocate of the peaceful utilization of all technologies and energies for the progress and welfare of mankind everywhere on the planet, Elham said that the 5+1 member states should as a first step recognize international bans for all the world states and make those countries which are not a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) accept and practice its rules and regulations.

“Then they can claim to be in charge of preventing other states’ diversion from peaceful to military purposes,” he continued.

The spokesman underlined Iran’s transparent and meantime, decisive policies, and mentioned, “Their (5+1) return to the framework of law serves the interests of all, and if they trespass the boundaries of law and rules, it would be to the detriment of all, because nuclear weapons are a threat to all. The Islamic Republic of Iran is, of course, clean of such weapons and it has never diverted from the path of peaceful utilization of nuclear technology.”

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