Palestine’s Incumbent Government Legitimate, Legal

A0233112.jpgSpeaking to reporters in a joint press conference with his Palestinian counterpart Sa’eed Seyam, Pour-Mohammadi expressed pleasure with the visit to Tehran by his Palestinian counterpart, and reiterated that Iran has always paid special attention to the Palestinian issue.

He also said Iran is pleased to see that the Palestinian nation has found its way and that it is moving ahead on this path under a legal and legitimate government.

The official expressed hope that his talks with the Palestinian Interior Minister would promote the two countries’ existing ties.

He also reminded that Iran-Palestine age-old relations have included cordial bonds and consultations at the level of the two countries’ governments, leaders of combatant groups and ministers.

Pour-Mohammadi also said he was pleased with hosting the Palestinian minister, “specially considering that it is the first visit to Iran by a Palestinian Interior Minister.”

He said Seyam’s visit to Iran is of grave importance and called for the deepening of the two states’ bilateral ties.

The minister underlined that Iran’s policy is based on support for the people of Palestine, and said, “Fortunately, with formation of a government elected by people in the country, we are facing a legitimate and legal government.”

Turning to the type of cooperation between the two countries, he said that the security of Palestine’s domestic scene as well as the administrative and executive departments of the country’s Ministry of Interior, which were seriously damaged during consecutive bombardments by the Zionist regime, need to be reconstructed.

“According to our high goals aiming to support the Palestinian people and legitimate government, we feel committed to support Palestine’s government in technical and educational fields,” he added.

Pour-Mohammadi said that the Palestinian issue is the concern of the world of Islam.

For his part, Palestinian Interior Minister Sa’eed Seyam appreciated Iran’s full support for the people of Palestine and conveyed the greetings of his government and people to Iranians.

Seyam stressed his call for formation of a unified national government with participation of all Palestinian groups under the leadership of Hamas.

He repeated his usual call for unity, and further dismissed discord.

Seyam said, “We intend to establish a unified national government based on the Palestinian model, not the American.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Seyam pointed to the issues discussed with his Iranian counterpart and problems encountered by people in the Palestinian territory, which are caused by Zionists, and said, “The US, Israel, some European states and regional as well as local parties were involved in the siege of the territory.

“By blocking the entries and exits of the territory and banning import of foodstuff and medicine they fine the entire residents the area. Such a move shows their continuous enmity with the Palestinian people,” he noted.

He referred to the level of mutual ties, cooperation between the two countries as well as Iran’s honorable approach to the Palestinian issue and hoped for further expansion of such relations and Iran’s support for Palestine.

Meanwhile, the minister called for using Iran’s experiences in scientific, educational and technical fields as well as broader cooperation in the sectors.

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