World Equations Changed by Victories in Palestine, Lebanon

A02331121.jpgAccording to a Presidential Press Office statement, Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a meeting with the Palestinian Interior Minister Sa’eed Seyam here on Thursday.

During the meeting, the President stressed that the said victories have served as a challenge to the forged Zionist regime, putting the so-called Israeli entity under a big question mark all throughout the world, including in the EU and US. 

He said trust in God and resistance have been key elements to the victories of the Palestinian nation in the various scenes, and called on the Palestinian government-elect to pave the ground for the materialization of the Palestinian cause and ideals through reliance on its revolutionary principles, and enhanced solidarity and faith.

Noting that Palestine is the forefront of the Islamic Ummah (nation) in its fight against the bullying powers, Ahmadinejad reminded Iran’s enthusiasm for transferring its experiences and achievements to the popular government of Hamas in all areas and without any restrictions.

For his part, Palestinian Interior Minister Sa’eed Seyam stated that the victory of each Muslim nation belongs to all Islamic states, and pointed out that the world Muslims are proud of the victories of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and the popular government of Hamas in Palestine as well as the eye-catching progresses made by the Islamic Republic of Iran in all the various grounds.

He further pointed to the efforts made by the Palestinian government for the progress and prosperity of that country, and reiterated that the newly-established Palestinian government is facing frequent problems in doing so, including political, propaganda and economic sanctions.

“Thus, we are very keen to use the valuable experiences of the Islamic Republic of Iran in all the various spheres, in administration of national affairs in particular,” he concluded.

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