Ahmadinejad-Exclusive budget for scientific centers’ innovative ideas

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday night, “We allocate exclusive budgets to those universities and scientific centers that would propose innovative ideas.” Addressing the heads of universities, faculty members, and university professors at Salman-e-Farsi Mosque after a fast breaking feast, he added, “We are ready to allocate exclusive budgets, both in Iranian rials, and in hard currencies in form of credits, to research centers that would manage to revolutionize the country’s industries.” The president set example of the establishment, or equipping of laboratories and workshops resorting to those budgets.

He said that a decision has been made at the Supreme Council for Technological Advancement that during the course of the current Iranian year (ending on March 21, 2007) all unused capacities for research works in the country would be properly put to use.

Ahmadinejad added, “We have to avoid repetition in the country, except for those that are in very essential cases, and to take care that the subject of the research works would be in line with our country’s necessities, but I notice that the outcome of some of the research works are not facilitated properly.”
Reiterating the need to maintain a strong bond of cooperation between the universities and the industrial centers, he said, “We need to thoroughly overhaul the country’s budget and planning processes, since the current trend is not appropriate for meeting the objective of a rapid scientific growth.”
Ahmadinejad emphasized the need to take full advantage of the current possibilities for ushering favorable leaps forward in scientific fields.

He said, “keeping in mind the vast span of scientific research works, inclusive of converting the gasoline consuming engines to CNG type, the micro technology, and the costs of training students, we have allocated a 12,000 billion rial budget (around 1.2 million US dollar) to the purpose this year.”
The president said, “I wholeheartedly support all research works and I believe in order to secure our country’s advancement we even need to sacrifice our lives, if needed.”

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Wednesday night, “Our country has achieved sweet advancement in aerospace engineering industries.”
He added, “Iran has achieved progress in other scientific fields, including peaceful nuclear technology, and AIDS treatment, and we can truly claim that our country’s scientific advancement curve is straight upward today.” He said, “Today we have a golden opportunity to build our country, and in that path, the seconds are of extreme importance.”
The president added, “I sincerely believe that Iran is a powerful country today and that we are capable of constructing our country, so keeping in mind the international status, we need to begin our move from a point.”
Focusing on the need to heed the expansion and promotion of Persian language and literature, he said, “Many nations are interested in knowing more about our culture and our identity,” adding, “We have many professors capable of teaching in those fields abroad, but we have problems sending them abroad.

Ahmadinejad said that the country’s public transportation fleet needs to be fully developed, the pollution level needs to be lowered, and the number of accidents need to be lowered.

On health care and medicine provision, he said, “We need to take entire advantage of the mankind’s achievements in these fields, and to redefine our own models appropriately with the up-to-date advancement.”

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