President considers enemies sanctions as ineffective

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday referred to the enemies sanctions as ineffective and said that the day when sanctions are imposed on Iran will be a national occasion to celebrate.

Speaking at a gathering of people in Robat-Karim in his 20th provincial visit, he underlined that Iran has been under sanction for the past 27 years and that the achievements have been made despite sanctions.

“The Iranian nation managed to develop nuclear technology while it was under sanction. A nation whose youth succeeded in defeating the enemies during the Sacred Defense era and access nuclear energy despite lack of facilities, will manage to reach the peak of success,” he added.

Turning to opposition of the adversaries of the Islamic ruling system to Iran’s right to access nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and its development, he said, “They are against our nation’s progress and Iran’s access to nuclear weapons suggested by them is a `big lie’.

Ahmadinejad raised the question, “If nuclear fuel is good, why shouldn’t Iran access it, otherwise why should they have access to it?” and continued, “Our nation does not trust the world bullying powers. Other world nations also distrust them.”
The president said that today, the Iranians, including men and women, children and grown-ups, the youth and elderly underline their inalienable right to nuclear energy for peaceful use.

Stressing that the nation seeks dialogue and peace, he noted that by relying on God Almighty Iranians have made remarkable progress in nuclear field and that they will continue to secure full access to nuclear technology.

Addressing Iran’s enemies, the president said, “Irrespective of your frowns and outcries, I assure you that the Iranian nation will slap its fist hard on the face of the bullying powers.

Meanwhile, the president called on the opponents of the Iranian nation to seek the nation’s friendship.

In another part of his speech, Ahmadinejad said that national construction is a significant and basic mission of the entire nation.

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