President: Iranians have no fear of enemies

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday said that the Iranian nation has no fear of enemies and that it will continue pursuing its path rather than giving up.

He made the remark at a gathering of people in the town of Shahriar in his 20th provincial visit.

The chief executive said that the adversaries intend to deprive the Iranian nation of its legal right, adding that they are furious at development and progress of Iranians.

“Actually the opponents of the Islamic ruling system have been throwing obstacles on the way of our nation’s access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution 27 years ago.

“On the pretext of development of nuclear weapons by Iran, they continue disrupting the progress of the Iranian nation. However, this is just a big lie, given that they themselves produce and use this type of weapons against the world nations,” he added.

The president said that recently they have started pressurizing Iran to suspend its enrichment process and have made talks on the issue conditional.

Underlining that Iran seeks dialogue and peace, he said, “It is the only country whose nuclear activities are conducted within the framework of laws.”
Ahmadinejad referred to the perilous measure of adversaries in early summer, namely their attack on Lebanon expecting a quick victory over the Lebanese, after which they aimed to exert further pressure on Iran to overlook its right.

“Fortunately, as a consequence of the resistance of the Lebanese nation, they sank into quagmire in Lebanon,” he added.

Turning to the heads of US and British governments as isolated and disreputable, he said that they become weaker and more isolated day by day and are not even approved by their own people.

“Their last decision was to make the Iranian nation give up its right through threat and force. However, they should know that full access to nuclear fuel cycle to be used in energy, medical and agricultural sectors is the nation’s goal,” he noted.

Upon arrival in Shahriar on Wednesday afternoon, President Ahmadinejad was warmly welcomed by people. This is his first visit to the provincial town of Shahriar.

With a population of 1.15 million, Shahriar is situated to the west of capital city of Tehran.

The president departed for Tehran after his speech.

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