Cuba Voices Support for Iran

A0234148.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Cuba’s Ambassador to Tehran, noting the United States’ current propaganda about imposition of sanctions against Iran, stressed his country’s full support for Iran.

Speaking in a press conference here on Tuesday, Fernando Garcia referred to Iran’s nuclear issue, and reminded that all the world states are entitled to the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes.

The diplomat stated that Cuba has always held a transparent stance in the face of Iran’s uranium enrichment since the very beginning of the issue, and stressing that the production of nuclear fuel for peaceful purposes should not be monopolized by any specific group or power, he underlined, “We stand beside the Iranian nation while we are opposed to the use of nuclear weapons.”

Elsewhere, he pointed out that the US pursues its policy of sanctions in a bid to achieve its goals through pushing Cuba into poverty, and further warned that the United States is seeking to annex Cuba to its soil.

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