US Repeating Vietnam Failure

A02237763.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hoseini here on Tuesday warned the US that it is repeating the experience of its defeat in Vietnam by insisting on its suspicious policy of obstinacy in Iraq.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau, Hoseini made the remarks in response to the recent allegations of the US president about Iran’s intervention in Iraq’s domestic affairs, where the spokesman pointed out that the US is projecting its problems.

He further called on the US administration to account for its measures in Iraq, saying that as occupation of Iraq is prolonged, the problems and negative consequences of the presence of the occupiers in that country increasingly grow.

The diplomat lashed out at the US statesmen for the policy of projecting the responsibility of their worldwide problems on the other countries, and viewed the wrong policies of the US as a barrier in the way of the solution of the various world problems.

“The United States is striving to derail settlement of the different world issues from its normal path to American dead-ends,” he stressed.

The spokesman reiterating that the US failures in exercising its policies have made it project its problems, stated, “The White House is seeking to hide its errors and mistakes through denying the existing realities,” adding, “and claiming others responsible for its failures and wrong policies seems to be the simplest thing to do for the US administration.”

Asserting that the US wrong policies and performances in Iraq, Afghanistan and other international issues are exposed to increasing criticism by the world community today, he reminded that shrinking from responsibility or taking other countries accountable for its defeats and failures do not reduce the expenses Washington has inflicted on the world community.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman further underscored that the US is the root cause of the expansion of tensions and disorders worldwide.

Meantime, he reminded that Iran and Iraq, as two neighboring countries, enjoy progress and good relations, and reiterated Iran’s serious concerns about the stabilization of situation and reinvigoration of security in Iraq.

The diplomat underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran views establishment of security and calm in Iraq as a major element contributing to its own security.

To conclude his words, Hoseini voiced Iran’s preparedness to further assist its neighbor (Iraq) with any kind of help needed.

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