Public Participation in Qods Day Rallies a Grave Defeat for Israel

A0138659.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian lawmaker here on Tuesday stressed that extensive public participation in the worldwide Qods Day rallies serves to be another defeat for the Zionist regime and the United States.

Speaking to FNA, spokesman of the Parliament’s presiding board Mohsen Kouhkan said ever since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, public presence on different scenes for the purpose of insisting on the restoration of the nation’s rights has always been considered as a pressing factor in regional and global equations and it has always been followed by positive impacts and achievements.

“Widespread and powerful participation of the public in the Qods Day rallies which are aimed at showing support for the Palestinian people has crossed out the equations which were based on the idea of ‘power versus power’, something which could readily be perceived in the victorious resistance of the Lebanese Hezbollah against the Zionist regime,” he continued.

The MP reminded that the resistance and victory of the Lebanese Hezbollah in its unequal war against the Zionist regime was carried out only through public support, adding, “If Israeli regime had been able to bring its so-called population to the streets, it would have done so.”

He said extensive public support for Hezbollah shockingly disturbed the US and Zionists’ equations, and stressed, “The presence and insistence of the Lebanese people and their victory over the Zionist regime proved that these are the people who utter the last word.”

The lawmaker further reiterated, “Where people have insisted on the restoration of their rights, they have succeeded,” and concluded, “Hectic participation of the public in the Qods Day rallies is synonymous with the final and total defeat of the US and Zionist regime following the blows that the Lebanese Hezbollah struck at them.”

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