World Qods Day Display of Muslim Resolve to End Occupation

A01386591.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Defense Ministry in a statement on Wednesday described the World Qods Day as a display of the Muslims’ resolve to fight against oppression and to put an end to occupation.

The statement further praised the late Imam Khomeini for presenting the world with such a unique idea which has shocked the United States and the Qods Occupying Regime ever since it was put into effect more than two decades ago.

It also noted the recent events in Lebanon, and reiterated, “The courageous and resistant people of Lebanon under the leadership of Hezbollah movement proved once again that no one can pin any hope in the so-called peace-seeking plans of the US and international circles for ending occupation and aggression and that resistance and giving smashing response to aggressors are the only keys to victory over the illegitimate, illegal and forged regime of the Zionists.

The Defense Ministry has stressed that threat, assassination, aggression and occupation constitute the essential constituents of the Zionist regime and that Israel may not surrender unless it is faced with worldwide Muslim unity.

The statement termed the United States’ New Middle-East Plan as a warmongering plot, adding, “The US is seeking to continue its illegitimate presence in the strategic region of the Middle-East through intimidation, insecurity, war and terror.

The ministry has expressed the hope that extensive participation in Qods Day rallies by the world Muslims combined with other influential measures of the Islamic countries will unveil the conspiracies of the world arrogance, specially the United States and the usurper regime of the Zionists, and result in the liberation of the holy Qods.

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