Qods Day Rallies Unveil Zionists Crimes

A0220788.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Head of Iran’s judiciary Ayatollah Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said that the World Qods Day rallies are the best way to disclose the crimes of the Zionist regime and the United States.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Qods Day rallies here in Tehran today, Shahroudi praised the late Imam Khomeini for proposing the idea of the World Qods Day, and described the day as among the best ways of keeping the issue of the holy Qods and oppressed Palestinian nation alive.

He also said that the issue of Qods has become the center of attention of the world public opinion worldwide, including the world of Islam and Europe, and continued, “Participation in the International Qods Day is the best way to unveil the crimes of the United States, Britain and the Zionist regime.”

Reminding that the holy Qods is the first Qebla of Muslims and that the city and its residents have been aggressed several times and through different methods, the judiciary chief said that Qods rallies are a civil and public campaign against the aggressors.

Also noting the Palestinian Entefada, Hashemi Shahroudi said that the world arrogance and Zionism today are shivering from Muslim vigilance and are on the threshold of annihilation and dissolution.

To conclude his words, the official expressed the hope that the holy Qods will soon be liberated from the Zionists occupation by the Palestinian Entefada and Lebanese resistance.

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