Tehrani Demonstrators Call for an End to Israel’s Life

A0234921.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The large congregation of demonstrators here in Tehran issued a statement at the end of the rallies in which they stressed that the life of the forged Israeli regime must come to an end.

The statement noted the background of the forged formation of the Zionist regime, and praised the Islamic resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese nations.

Demonstrators also voiced their strong and full support for the Entefada of the Palestinian nation, and stressed that the only way to solve the Middle-East problems is the dissolution of the cancerous tumor of the Israeli regime.

They also called for free elections to be attended by all the residents of the occupied territories from all walks of life.

The statement further called on the Islamic states to support the Palestinian government-elect, and voiced Iran’s support for the stances and struggles of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Demonstrators also stated their preparedness to help to the reconstruction of Lebanon and asked for similar assistances by the other Islamic countries.

They also stressed that all those states which support the Israeli regime and have assisted to recognize the Zionist regime worldwide must be aware of the consequences of their actions.

The statement also pointed to the ongoing situation in Iraq and said that continued occupation of that country is the root cause of the present insecurities there.

It further stressed the need for safeguarding the national unity of Iraq, and called for the immediate withdrawal of the occupiers from that country.

Demonstrators also condemned recent insults to the holy prophet of Islam and Islamic sanctities and viewed it as a measure to sow seeds of discord among the followers of different religions and faiths and to trigger unrests, and thus, they called on the religious nations of the world to show more vigilance in the face of such plots.

The statement also reiterated Iran’s right of access to nuclear fuel production cycle, and underlined that the Iranian nation may never give up even an iota of its right of access to peaceful nuclear technology.

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