EU3 Ponder about Sanctions against Iran

A01464802.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Germany, France and Britain were discussing sanctions against Iran for continuing its program to enrich uranium following their short and abrupt efforts to settle the dispute through diplomatic means.

The three European Union members were drafting a resolution with sanctions aimed at preventing Iran from making any further nuclear progress, European diplomats privy to UN Security Council said. They said the preliminary draft would be presented to Russia and China, which have preferred negotiations to sanctions.

The diplomats said that the position of the three EU nations on sanctions was still not as tough as the United States would like it to be and the differences between the two sides remains wide.

For sanctions to be adopted by the UN Security Council, agreement must be reached among the five veto-wielding permanent members: the US, Russia, China, France and Britain.

While talks of sanctions at the UN were stepping up, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday called on the Iranian nation to resist new pressure against its nuclear program. Ahmadinejad also warned the West not to become an enemy of the Islamic nation.

“There is only one more step to make after a long and winding road and then we will reach the peak,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech in Shahre Ray, south of the capital Tehran.

“In this last step we have to show unity and resistance but we will not retreat one step from our internationally-acknowledged rights,” the president added in his speech.

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