Iranian Nation Opposed to Fingerprinting of US Citizens

A0236037.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said although Iranian Parliament had decided to fingerprint US citizens as a tit-for-tat policy, he has ordered MPs to exclude the bill from their working agenda because Iranian nation is not an enemy of any world nation.

Addressing a gathering of the fervent residents of Shemiranat in northern Tehran on Monday, he said there are two distinct cultures currently dominating the world, one which belongs to Iran and a second one which belongs to the bullying powers.

The chief executive official stressed that such a behavior and attitude towards other nations illustrates the difference in the view, attitude and performance of the Iranian people with those of the bullying powers.

Ahmadinejad underlined that once a person is allowed to enter Iran, he will be respected, irrespective of being an American or a citizen of any other country, stating, “We declared that anyone wishing to visit Iran is free to do so, with the exception of spies and intriguers, given that we have never insulted any nation.”

He said although the US administration is decisive to offend Iran by fingerprinting Iranian citizens upon entering into the US, he had called on members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to stop their countermeasure and exclude the bill on fingerprinting American citizens from their agenda.

The president said that the Iranian national airline, in a letter to the US airline, has called on the officials in charge to permit American people to visit Iran, and reassured that Iranian people are keen on having cordial relations with all the world nations, but meantime, stressed Iran’s strong opposition against the US government’s bullying behavior and self-centeredness.

“Iran is against the selfish approach of US administrators, but it has always been and is in pursuit of friendly relations towards nations. Today it is proved that despite the mottos chanted by the US administration, it is not willing to let the American people get an idea on the current facts of the world,” he asserted.

Pointing to the US officials panic over the vigilance of American people as well as full censorship in the country, the president said that the programs broadcast by the US media on the domestic scene are censored, while their overseas broadcasts are quite different, and added, “The private conversations of the American people are tapped by the US government, which proves that the statesmen and regime of that country do not attach any value to human dignity at all.”

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