Over 12 US Invaders Wiped Out in Iraq on Wednesday

Iraqi Mujahideen fighters attacked a US checkpoint located in the al-Mal’ab in ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad,  inflicting dead and wounded on the Americans. Two American ambulances were seen racing to the stricken checkpoint, the Al Basrah  reported.

An Iraqi Mujahideen marksman shot and killed a US Marine, believed to be a high-ranking American officer in the Zawbi’ area of southern al-Fallujah.

Iraqi  fighters carried out two ferocious attacks on US troops in al-Fallujah’s an-Nazal neighborhood.   The attacks began at about 8pm local time Tuesday night when a Resistance bomb exploded and then fighters fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a Humvee carrying four US troops.  The explosions blew the Americans’ bodies apart.

Meanwhile, a short firefight lasting about five minutes took place after a Resistance bomb exploded by a US Humvee at anntersection.  Mujahideen  armed medium machine guns then attacked.  The Humvee was destroyed and three US soldiers were killed and three more wounded.

Dozens of Iraqi Mujahideen were battling US Marine forces with cover from helicopter gun ships and Iraqi puppet army vehicles in Baghdad.  The witnesses said that four US troops had been killed and a US military vehicle could be seen on fire.

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