Reward of $ 50,000 Offered For a Captured US Soldier For Butchering


Woman who lost son in battle in ar-Ramadi with Americans offers reward to anyone who can help her kill an American soldier, the Al Basrah reported

An elderly woman from ar-Ramadi whose son had been killed in battle with the US occupation forces in September entered a mosque at midday Thursday to offer a reward of 50,000 $ to anyone who can bring her an American soldier for her to kill with her own hands.

The woman entered one of the mosques of the city at the time of midday prayers when worshippers, reportedly including many Resistance men, were assembled and interrupted them saying, “I have a question before I talk with you – are you men or just males?”  Those present responded that they were men and asked her to continue.  She then said, “I’m offering you one earthly prize and another delayed until we meet God.  That is that I will give 75 million Dinars (about 50,000 $) to anyone who can bring me an American soldier alive so that I can butcher him with these two hands.  And in addition God offers the prize of Paradise, which you are seeking already.”

Witnesses said that the worshippers were taken aback at the woman’s offer and asked her to speak softly for fear that there might be spies who would report on her to the Americans who would then arrest her.  A group of youths, believed to be Mujahideen fighters went to the woman, saying “God make things easy for you, mother. Go back home and pray that God will let us take care of that.”

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