3 Mujahideen Attacks Reported in Chechnya

According to a press release from the Jamaat Staraya Sunja Sabotage-and-Blasting Operations Group that has been received by Chechen news agencies today, October 28, 2006, three attacks were carried out by the Jamaat against local puppet troops on October 25-26, 2006, Daymohk agency reported.


In one attack in the Chechen capital of Jokhar at 19.45 local time on Thursday (Oct. 26) a puppet policeman from a local gang “Chechnya’s interior ministry” has been killed. In two other actions late Wednesday (Oct. 25) Mujahideen severely wounded  several collaborators from pro-Russian gangs “OMON” and “East”.


According to Amir Surkho, the Jamaat Commander, 4 puppet policemen recently laid down their arms, and 5 former Russian proxies joined the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’s Armed Forces.

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