Mullah Dadullah Accuses NATO of Genocide, Vows More Attacks

6147_1.jpgThe Taliban accused NATO forces of genocide on Friday, October 27, 2006,  after the latest in a series of civilian deaths from the US invaders, and said they would step up already rising fidayeen attacks.


The Islamic State of Afghanistan’s Chief Military Commander, Mullah Dadullah, also denied NATO allegations the Mujahideen used villagers as human shields in combat against foreign forces.


“We want to inform the foreign forces and their slaves that their defeat is inevitable in Afghanistan,” Dadullah told Reuters by satellite phone.


“The Taliban’s Mujahideen are ready to fight until death and in the coming days will increase their activities and fidayeen attacks to such an extent that the infidel forces will not get a chance to rest.


“The Taliban will not let the killers of Afghan women and children rest in peace and will continue to target them.”, the Chief Military Commander said.


Witnesses and puppet officials say NATO air strikes in neighboring Kandahar province, where the Taliban remain strong, killed at least 50 civilians this week.


Recent Taliban video shows a robust Mullah Dadullah walking the mountains of Uruzgan and firing a machine gun.

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