Powers’ Self-Centered Measures Defused by Muslim Unity

A02328902.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, in a meeting with Comoran Agriculture Minister Siti Kassim here on Saturday, viewed Muslim unity as an instrument for defusing the self-centered measures of the world powers.

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said that also during the meeting, Mottaki stated that the positive views of the two countries’ presidents about the development of the existing ties serve as a desirable motive for the expansion and boosting of ties, “and are, thus, considered as a milestone for starting new areas of cooperation between the two states.”

Referring to the various and abundant grounds for cooperation between the two countries, he described implementation of the two sides’ already signed agreements as a good start for an increase in Iran-Comoros cooperation.

The top diplomat stressed that Iran attaches special significance to the African continent, and informed that he has planned formation of a new department to deal with African affairs in his ministry.

He also said that a headquarter under the First Vice-President has taken up the responsibility for practicing Iran’s policies towards Africa.

Mottaki described activation of the two countries’ private sectors as a proper means for the expansion of ties, and pointed out that promotion of the potentials and capabilities of Comoros set a goal for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he mentioned that the recent insults directed at the holy prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Islamic values and sanctities have been a plot devised by the Zionists to compensate for their failure in Palestine and Lebanon.

The Iranian Foreign Minister further asserted that the world powers can no longer sow the seeds of discord among the Muslim nations through just issuing an order, adding, “The world nations will no longer be deprived of their inalienable and guaranteed rights through threats and sanctions.”

He also said that the rookie decisions made by the international bodies under the pressure of the big powers have undermined the position and status of such organizations.

For his part, Comoran Agriculture Minister, Siti Kassim appreciated the warm welcome extended to him by the Iranian officials and voiced his country’s preparedness to develop all-out relations with Iran.

He also described the two countries’ cooperation in the area of agricultural as desirable, and viewed the two president’s resolve and positive views as a proper ground for the expansion of ties.

The Comoran official also voiced pleasure in the endorsement of a memorandum of understanding by the two countries on cooperation in health and hygienic arenas.

Also during the meeting, Kassim submitted to Mottaki, the written messages of the Comoran President and Foreign Minister for their Iranian counterparts.

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