American Delegation Warns against US Threats to Iran

A0238750.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- A senior member of the US delegation called ‘Messengers of Peace’ warned about the undesirable consequences of any US threats against Iran.

Speaking to FNA, Gerard Brooker did not view the recent US joint maneuvers in the Persian Gulf as a threat to Iran, and pointed out that the White House is well aware of the fact that any kind of threat against Iran would entail bitter consequence.

Elsewhere, he noted Iranian President’s proposal for having a televised debate with his US counterpart, and voiced support for unconditional, direct talks by the two countries.

Regarding any possible change in the US stance in the face of Iran, he said, “I wish US President George W. Bush could pay a visit to Iran like us and get acquainted with Iran’s history and art. If he had the chance of doing so, he would revise his stances and goals in the face of Iran.”

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