Bulgaria Calls for Transit of Iran’s Gas to EU

A0104823.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Bulgarian Economic and Energy Minister officially called for the transit of Iran’s gas to his country and other EU states via Iran-Azerbaijan pipeline.

Roumen Ovcharov stressed that his country has already started talks for joining the strategic pipeline, saying that Sofia intends to turn into a secure path for the transit of the Caspian Sea energy resources to Europe.

Turkey and Greece have also voiced support for Bulgaria’s decision to join the pipeline.

British Petroleum announced late last September that it intends to start natural gas production in the Caspian field ‘Shah Deniz’ in the near future.

Once exploitation and production of natural gas starts at Shah Deniz gas field in the republic of Azerbaijan, Europe would feel more secure as Shah Deniz field is due to supply a part of its energy needs.

British Petroleum, Norway’s Statoil and Azerbaijan’s Soukar Company are the main shareholders of the project.

Bulgaria which is now supplying a large part of its needed gas from Russia, intends to reduce its dependency on Russian energy resources by joining Iran-Azerbaijan pipeline.

Bulgaria has also voiced its preparedness to join the Baku pipeline which will transfer Iran’s gas to Europe.

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