Iran Exports 35 m tons of Natural Gas

A0102748.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian official said that once the natural gas liquefaction project by Pars LNG Company turns operational, a sum of 35 million tons of natural gas will be exported from Iran.

Speaking to FNA in the southern city of Bushehr on Saturday, director of Infrastructural Installations and Export department of Pars LNG Co. Taqi Sarrafi also stated that there are only three companies, — i.e. Pars LNG, Persian LNG and Iran LNG -owning the technology for the liquefaction of natural gas, reminding that the said companies have enjoyed cooperation of Spanish Repson and the well-know Shell in acquiring the technology.

He said a sum of $ 22 to 25 billion in credit has been allocated to the natural gas liquefaction project in the Tonbak region in Bushehr, stating that the project will reach its operational stages in five years.

Mentioning France, Spain, India and China as the main markets for Iran’s LNG, he said Qatar has made such huge investments in liquefaction of natural gas that its production is predicted to reach an annual figure of 50 million tons by 2007.

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