FM Spokesman Stresses Iran’s Insistence on Nuclear Rights

A0234440.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Mohammad Ali Hoseini stressed that Iran may not come short of its legal rights and national interests, but meantime reminded Tehran’s preparedness to attend talks.

“We have kept the door of interaction and negotiation with the world community and enthusiast countries open, while we may never ignore the legal rights of the great Iranian nation,” Hoseini said while addressing the 7th annual general assembly of the Student Formations Union of Islamic Azad University here on Saturday, a statement by the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Bureau said.

He said the present Iran-West nuclear standoff has been created due to the West’s dishonesty, expansionist policies and disloyalty to its undertakings, and continued, “Generally speaking, the point is that the west is not inclined to accept Iran as an important world actor with significant responsibilities, and this very view determines all their other policies towards Iran.”

“That’s why we came to the conclusion that we have to bring about some meaningful changes to our policy of detente in a bid to make the other party adopt a new approach towards Iran,” the diplomat continued.

Meantime, he said that the adoption of the new approach in foreign policy does not mean that Iran intends to stop its interactions with the West, “rather we have meant to bring about change to the west’s approach and relations with Iran.”

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman further said that defending the legal rights of the country is among the strategic policies president Ahmadinejad’s administration has defined for itself.

He also stated that interaction and cooperation with other states, challenging the oppressive and aggressive policies of the West against Iran and in the world form the basis of Iran’s policies and foreign relations.

Among others Hoseini also pointed to the development of relations and interaction with regional and Islamic circles and organizations, such as enhancing the activities and roles of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), utilizing the regional potentials of political, security and economic cooperation and expansion of ties with all friendly countries, particularly the Islamic states all throughout the world as top priorities of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy system.

Elsewhere, he said that during the summits, meetings and conferences he has attended in different parts of the world during the last year, including those in Vienna, South Africa, Malaysia, Havana and the UN General Assembly in New York, he has observed eye-catching inclination for confrontation against the US unilateralism and for bringing about a change in the structure of the international system, including revision of the world bodies and circles dominated or influenced by the expansionist powers, specially by the United States.
“In the same line, regional and international circles, including the Arab Union, the OIC and NAM have stated their straightforward opposition to the western warmongers and the interventionist policies of the western countries, particularly in the Middle-East region,” he continued.

The diplomat also regretted that the West has opted for a scenario of pressurizing the developing countries, including Iran, in order to make them give in to the western states’ illogical approach.

He also said that contradictory double standards, dual policies and unbalanced treatment of democratic and transparent developments, particularly in the Middle-East region, including full opposition to the national will of the great Palestinian nation and the product of their democratic elections, unilateral support for the Zionists and defending their crimes, massacre of the innocent women and children and destruction of the economic infrastructures of the great Lebanese nation, all indicate the hegemonic look and behavior of the West towards the world of Islam.

The spokesman dismissed the US policy that anyone who is not with us is against us, and reminded, “It is an undeniable fact that anyone and any state is seeking to materialize its goals and achieve its national interests in all the different political, economic, cultural and social arenas.

“And the Islamic Republic of Iran is no exception to this rule,” he reminded, adding that Iran is seeking to attain its national interests.

Hoseini continued, “Iran believes it is not rational that four or five world countries, relying on their military power and wealth -which they have of course usurped from other countries- name their own desires as the aspirations and demands of the world community. The final statement of the 118 member states of the NAM summit in Havana in support of Iran’s peaceful nuclear programs and activities was, in fact, a move to show the movement’s strong opposition to the unilateral approach of the West, the US in particular.”

He also expressed regret that the western countries treat other world states with cruelty and injustice, and voiced Iran’s enthusiasm for pioneering a movement for the materialization of international justice.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman stressed that the Islamic Republic government has striven to have a constructive interaction with the world community and provided transparent answers to all questions in the last one year in a bid to solve the nuclear standoff through confidence building measures.

“We have always declared our enthusiasm for negotiations,” he said, and further reminded that issuance of resolution and making Iran’s nuclear case a security and political issue come in continuation of the unsuccessful experiences of the past.

Hoseini asserted, “Imposition of sanctions in previous years has always proved to be an inappropriate and wrong solution,” adding that such solutions will eventually result into an overwhelming failure and defeat for the other party.

The diplomat pointed out that a large number of the third-world countries have voiced support for Iran, saying that the overwhelming support expressed by such countries should be viewed as among the outstanding successes of President Ahmadinejad’s administration.

He reminded that Iranian statesmen are endeavoring to use different diplomatic mechanisms to inform and convince the world countries, specially Iran’s neighbors, of the good intention contained in Iran’s peaceful and transparent civilian nuclear programs and activities, which he stressed are a fundamental and necessary means of obtaining the country’s long-term economic goals.

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