Iran Fires 3 Missiles in Persian Gulf Maneuvers

A0238329.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran test fired three newly improved missiles on Friday bringing the whole Persian Gulf region within the range of the Islamic Republic’s weaponry.

Iran’s military maneuvers come at a time of heightened tension between Iran and Western powers which are trying to get agreement for United Nations sanctions to force Iran to cut back nuclear work they allege could produce an atomic bomb. Iran says its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.

“Different kinds of land-to sea and sea-to sea missiles were successfully test fired, including Kousar, Noor and Nasr missiles,” senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Brigadier General Fadavi said.

“The range of the missiles has been increased from 120 km (75 miles) to 170 km (106 miles). Definitely they cover the whole area of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman,” he said.

IRGC also fired missiles carrying cluster warheads on Thursday at the start of the 10-day military maneuvers called ‘The Greatest Prophet’.

The United States completed naval exercises in the Gulf on Monday to practice blocking the transport of iranian cargoes, a likely part of efforts to enforce any sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian commander said the new improved missiles brought the whole of the Gulf region, the world’s most important oil shipping route, within range of Iranian weaponry.

“The whole area is now under our control,” he said, adding, “If enemies want to be safe, they should avoid hostile moves in the Persian Gulf … Today we are overseeing the whole Persian Gulf area.”

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