Colonialist Powers can no more Oppress Nations

A0243627.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed that the era of cruel behavior by empires and colonialist powers has come to its end, reminding that now is the time for the movement and progress of independent nations.

Speaking to reporters in a joint press conference with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe here on Tuesday, Ahmadinejad said that the two countries share common views and joint interests, adding, “Zimbabwe is a friendly and revolutionary country which is defending its independence, while Iran is the flag bearer of revolutionary movements for the establishment of justice, independence and freedom for all nations. We have always accompanied Zimbabwe ever since it gained independence.”

He further stressed Zimbabwean nation’s entitlement to national sovereignty and control of its lands and territories, saying that the system of world hegemony and the looters who oppose independence of nations are among the enemies of both countries.

“They are concerned about the independence and progress of the two (Iranian and Zimbabwean) nations. But Iran and Zimbabwe are decisive to stand up to the bullying powers and support each other,” Ahmadinejad continued.

Reiterating Iran’s support for the restoration of Zimbabwe’s right of territorial reform and national sovereignty, he said Tehran condemns pressures and sanctions imposed on the Zimbabwean government and nation by some bullying western powers.

Assuring Iran’s companionship with the Zimbabwean government and nation, the president underlined that the intelligent government and nation of Zimbabwe are certainly capable of going past the present stage and reviving their own valuable civilization.

Also noting the endorsement of some cooperation agreements by the two countries, he called for the utilization of the two sides’ potentials in order for Iran and Zimbabwe to maximize their ties, specially in economic and social spheres.

Meantime, the Iranian president reiterated the two countries’ mutual support at the world political arenas, saying that Iran and Zimbabwe will resist the bullying powers to the end.

He said that the agreements signed by the two sides in the various agricultural, consultation, joint venture, oil, industrial, and political cooperation as well as other regional and international areas serve as a prelude to a leap in the development of their ties.

For his part, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe pointed to the various agreements held and documents endorsed by the two countries’ high-ranking officials and stressed that the aforesaid agreements will illustrate Iran-Zimbabwe consolidated and desirable relations.

Stating that his country and Iran share many identical views in the different political, ideological and revolutionary grounds in addition to their economic cooperation, he stressed the two states’ everlasting friendly ties.

Reminding that Iran is both greater and far more advanced than Zimbabwe, Mugabe said that his country would strive to materialize its sublime aspirations through the assistance of its big brother Iran, “in the same way that the two states defended their independence and territorial integrity against aggressors.”

He said Iran and Zimbabwe are seeking a fully stabilized and secured atmosphere and condition so as to make further moves towards public welfare.

Mugabe stressed that Zimbabwe appreciates the endorsed documents, reminding that what matters is not the endorsement of the agreements, but their contents and implementation.

Earlier in another joint press conference along with Zimbabwe’s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe after officially receiving him at a ceremony at the Presidential Office Monday night, President Ahmadinejad underlined that opposition to the world arrogance’s hegemonic system is one of the commonalties between Iran and Zimbabwe.

Turning to the favorable Iran-Zimbabwe economic ties, the chief executive said that the two sides have commonalties on many issues.

He referred to the loss inflicted on both countries by the world hegemonic system in the past and praised President Mugabe as a prominent man seeking freedom and justice, a revolutionary figure and an anti-colonial African leader.

Thanking him for his visit to Iran, Ahmadinejad said that Zimbabwe is an important country playing a decisive role in the African continent and that the two countries can have close relations in the long-run.

For his part, Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe said that his visit to Tehran takes place within the framework of further expansion of mutual relations.

He said that many Iranian companies are active in his country, adding that currently Iran exports raw materials and agricultural equipment to Zimbabwe.

Turning to the determination of the two countries to develop bilateral ties, he underlined that expansion of relations will be beneficial to both.

After the joint press conference, the two presidents began the first round of talks.

“We are prepared to help those countries intending to safeguard their territorial integrity. Given that we cooperate with the neighboring countries in our own region, we are referred to by some parties as the ‘axis of evil’,” added Zimbabwe’s president.

Mugabe heading a high-ranking delegation arrived in Tehran on Sunday night, while the country’s ministers of foreign affairs, energy and agriculture had arrived in Tehran earlier.

The two sides endorsed several memoranda of understanding at the end of the visit of the Zimbabwean president.

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