Litvinenko’s SVR Poisoner, Igor Vlasov, Named

UK’s News of the World newspaper claims that they know who poisoned former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, but only print his middle name – Igor “for legal reasons.” 


KC NOTE: The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera gave his name as  Igor Vlasov from the Russian government terrorist group SVR. 


The 46-year-old expert in covert operations belonged to Russia’s Spetsnaz special forces, the paper states and was fingered in a document Litvinenko received right before he was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210. 


Litvinenko handed Scotland Yard the dossier he received at London’s Itsu sushi bar, and it contains a long hit-list with his name on top, News of the World claims. 


Chechen Mujahideen successfully annihilate Russian state terrorist thugs if caught on the territory of Chechnya. 


Killing Russian dissident journalists and political opponents is a sign of weakness of the bandit state of Russia that has no right to exist on the Earth. Strong and healthy states do not need to use such methods. Allah’s willing, Russia will soon die as a state.

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