Iran Opposed to Illegal, Irrational Moves

A01173853.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Ambassador to Italy Abolfazl Zohre-vand stressed his country’s preparedness to attend nuclear talks with the West, but meantime, reminded that Tehran does not accept illegal and irrational attitudes.

Speaking in an interview with Italy’s state-run radio, the envoy said that Iran has always stated its preparedness for the resumption of nuclear talks, as it believes that the issue could be resolved through negotiations and diplomatic means.

Asked if the recent remarks by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad implying that adoption of punitive measures is perceived as a hostile move towards Iran should be interpreted as a threat to the EU, he said Ahmadinejad has never meant to pose a threat to the EU states, and stated that Iran is just showing a proper reaction to the illegal decisions of some countries.

He further reminded that his country’s nuclear activities are of a peaceful nature and comply with the rules and regulations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the articles of association of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In response to the question if a likely diplomatic crisis in Iran’s nuclear issue would leave grave consequences on Rome-Tehran economic ties, the diplomat expressed the hope that no such crisis would ever arise, and further stressed that the results would depend on the kind of decision Italy adopts under such circumstances.

“It is evident that some states intend to drag others into such crises, but we hope that Italy will not accompany such countries,” he continued.

Zohre-vand further viewed Iran-Italy economic relations as desirable, and further voiced Iran’s willingness to further develop mutual ties with that country.

He said that Iran and Italy enjoy abundant potentials and possibilities for further growth of ties.

Elsewhere the ambassador noted the Iraqi issue, and described Iran’s role in connection with the establishment of peace and stability in that country as positive and constructive.

“Iran welcomes any cooperation plan which seeks to sooth tension and restore security, tranquility and peace in Iraq,” he underscored.

The official further dismissed allegations that the Islamic Republic has the power to dictate decisions or affairs to the Iraqi government.

Asked if the resumption whether holding of talks between Iran and the United States would be possible, he said, “This depends on Americans to a large extent. Yet, I believe that adoption of a pragmatic approach can be of much help and use in repairing and restoring relations among all the world countries, although some differences might remain unsolved.”

The diplomat said that the United States is suffering from the lack of a pragmatic view towards regional states, adding, “The analyses presented by the US politicians suggest that they are not up-to-date and that they lag behind the regional developments.”

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