President Warns EU of a Change of Policy

A01173852.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that his country will change its policy towards EU3 (Britain, Germany and France) if the European trio insists on impeding Iran’s access to civilian nuclear technology.

“If you insist on preventing Iran’s progress, the Iranian nation will consider it as a hostile and belligerent move and will change its attitude towards you,” Ahmadinejad said while addressing a large and fervent congregation of the public in the western province of Kermanshah here on Tuesday.

Meantime, he stressed that the west may never block Iran’s movement towards further progress, and advised western countries to adopt a friendly attitude towards Iranian nation, reminding them that cordial relations with Iran will serve the interests of the western nations.

The president also lambasted the US and its allies for having kept silent in the face of the recent remarks by the officials of the Zionist regime of Israel admitting that they are in possession of nuclear weapons, and stated, “When the Zionist regime officially announces that it possesses nuclear bombs, they forget all the rules and regulations of the international bodies and agencies very shamelessly. Yet, they make every effort to sanction the Iranian nation in a bid to prevent the country’s acquisition of the peaceful civilian nuclear technology and progress.”

“If there was an iota of doubt about your hostility towards our nation, it is now removed and we are certain about your animosity towards Iran,” he continued.

Elsewhere, he called on the US to leave Iraq immediately, and warned that if Washington insists on keeping its troops in that country, the Iraqi nation will force them out.

Ahmadinejad also referred to the recent international conference on the Holocaust in Tehran, and said, “The European and American scholars who attended the Holocaust conference in Tehran said that they have tasted real freedom in Iran and that they have felt fresh in our country because all people live and discuss their points freely.”

“They also said that Iran should set a model for the world culture, civilization and progress,” he added.

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