Lawmaker Warns Saudi Arabia against Crisis

A02574268.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- An Iranian MP here on Wednesday warned Saudi Arabia against the adoption of provocative measures, stressing that any regional crisis will be detrimental to Riyadh’s interests as well.

Speaking to FNA, member of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Heshmatollah Felahat-Pisheh pointed to the recent warning of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei about the appearance of an anti-Iran coalition by the US, Britain and some regional Arab states, and mentioned, “They are seeking to take Iran into a critical condition.”

“They actually aim to forge a situation similar to the Taef Plan in 1982, when some western and Arab countries hatched a plot against Iran,” he reminded.

“The Supreme Leader’s warning was meant to remind the other party that final result of the Taef plan was nothing but the defeat of Saddam’s autocrat rule,” the lawmaker added.

Stressing that Iran does not welcome crisis, he said, “The Iranian foreign minister in recent days has sent several messages to the western countries to voice Iran’s preparedness to attend talks as we believe that negotiation is the final path for the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue.”

The legislative official further pointed out that there won’t arise any crisis in the region unless regional countries pave the ground, cause or act as the means for the creation of such a crisis.

He reminded that some Arab countries of the region have earlier served as the means and channels for the crises that Saddam Hussein created, and said, “The said crises inflicted huge damage on the region.”

The MP warned that if any crisis arises, it won’t be only Iran but all the regional countries which will have to sustain the inherent harms and damage of such a crisis.

“If Arab states do not play a negative role, Iran can reach compromise with other countries,” he stated.

Referring to Saudi Arabia’s role in sowing discord between the Muslim Shiites and Sunnites and deteriorating violence in Iraq as well as its negative stances in the face of the Israeli war against Lebanon, the official warned Saudi officials that they will also have to sustain the damage if any crisis emerges in the region.

“Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia did not continue the role which it took up at the time of Malek Abdullah and brought some profound and sudden changes to its foreign policy strategy instead,” he mentioned, adding that the country’s new strategy is based on sowing discord.

“performance of such a role which is practiced in the form of a regional strategy has been imposed by trans-regional states,” the representative of Islam abad-e Gharb at the Islamic Consultative Assembly underscored.

Warning the neighboring countries about the consequences and aftermaths of sowing discord among Muslim Shiites and Sunnites and participating in an anti-Iran coalition, he said, “Regional countries are more in need of mutual understanding than confrontation. Therefore, if western powers choose the path to the enhancement of understanding, they will win success, otherwise, they will have to face continued crises in the region, which will result in their failure.”

He called on regional states to give up any factor or measure of threat and invited them to move towards a diplomatic convention and understanding instead.

The parliament member further reminded that the plans devised and practiced by Arab countries have so far turned to be unsuccessful due to the fact that they have ignored Iran’s role and served to be of a merely Arab nature.

“There is a reality in the Persian Gulf which is named Iran, thus, no Arab plan will be successful in the region unless it heeds Iran’s role. We expect Arab countries to reach understanding with Iran to solve regional problems and not to turn the region into a battlefield for the wars of trans-regional states,” he concluded.

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