Iranian People, Culture Adored by Turkey

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Ankara’s ambassador to Tehran said Turkish people adore the Iranian people and culture, and further stressed that the proper atmosphere dominating the two countries’ relations will yield interests galore for both sides.

The Turkish diplomat made the remarks in a meeting with the Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Energy Commission, Kamal Daneshyar here on Wednesday, a statement released by the Information and Media Department of the Islamic Consultative Assembly reported.

During the meeting, the Iranian MP noted the two countries’ good and age-old relations, and reminded the firm determination of the two countries’ leaders to consolidate all-out ties.

He also referred to the two countries’ abundant potentials for the expansion of current relations, and underlined that the Islamic Republic perceives no restriction for the expansion of cooperation with Turkey.

The lawmaker expressed the hope that Iran-Turkey economic and trade ties would grow as extensive as their political relations, and reiterated the need for the two countries’ joint economic commission to work on the enhancement of the private sector’s activities and participation in the energy sector.

Also noting Turkey’s need in oil derivatives and Iran’s readiness for meeting the said demands and providing the required man power, he reminded, “Instead of purchasing gas, Turkey can make investments in Iran in the energy sector and export manufactured products.

Daneshyar further pointed to the necessity for the two countries to cooperate over regional issues, and mentioned that the US and Israel do not want the two great Muslim states of Iran and Turkey to achieve their interests.

Elsewhere, he said, “Considering the contemporary world’s urgent need in energy, the West, particularly the United States, show opposition to the utilization of the peaceful civilian nuclear energy by Iran and similar states.”

For his part, the Turkish ambassador to Tehran viewed the two countries’ relations as brotherly and friendly, and reminded that the two great and neighboring nations have conducted a peaceful life alongside each other for centuries, underlining that Turkish people adore the Iranian people and culture,.

Also noting the ample commonalities and cooperation grounds available for both countries, the diplomat said that the proper atmosphere dominating the two countries’ relations will yield interests galore for both sides, specially in the energy sector.

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