West’s Bullying Unacceptable to Iranians

A02430614.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iran’s Expediency Council Chairman Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani stressed Iran’s insistence on its well-principled stances on the use of civilian nuclear technology, reminding that the West’s bullying in this regard is not acceptable to the Iranian nation.

Speaking in a meeting with Britain’s Ambassador to Tehran Jeffrey Adams here on Wednesday, Rafsanjani rejected any kind of prerequisite for the resumption of Iran-West nuclear talks, and pointed out that the two sides’ confidence can be built merely in the course of negotiations.

“As regards access and use of nuclear energy, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not seeking adventurism and it also advises the other actors not to involve in adventurism,” he said.

“If the issue is treated and pursued through a proper channel, then we will be ready to take any kind of tests by responsible authorities to prove the peaceful nature of our nuclear programs,” Rafsanjani continued.

Elsewhere, he noted the present conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and reminding that occupiers allege to have attacked the two said countries to establish democracy there, he reminded, “But the measures adopted by occupiers in these two countries are not in conformity with their aforementioned claims.”

The senior official further viewed increased plantation and production of narcotics in Afghanistan and insecurities in Iraq as among the consequences of the occupation of the said two countries, and added, “People of these two countries, specially Iraqis, are not satisfied with the consequences and aftermaths of the occupation of their countries.”

He voiced Iran’s preparedness and inclination for cooperation, in case there exists a firm determination to solve problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Expediency Council Chairman also said that national sovereignty and restoration of peace constitute Iran’s policies and stances in the face of Iraq, and continued, “All religious, political and ethnic groups are entitled to have a share in administering the country in proportion to their population in Iraq.”

Referring to the Palestinian issue, he reminded Iran’s crystal clear stances and policies, and said that the solution of the issue would not be possible unless the fate of millions of the displaced Palestinians and refugees is determined.

“Palestinian people are the final decision makers concerning the future of their own country, but the wise people of the world are expected to find a rational and humanitarian solution to the problem,” Rafsanjani added.

Elsewhere, he criticized some British papers for charging Iran with unfounded accusations, and reminded Iran’s insistence on the establishment of peace and stability in the region, adding, “Iran’s policy and course of action in Afghanistan and Iraq prove this point and occupiers themselves are well aware of this fact more than anyone else.”

For his part, Britain’s Ambassador to Tehran Jeffrey Adams said that the settlement of Iran’s nuclear issue is conditional on mutual rebuilding of confidence, and stressed that attainment of agreement and building of mutual trust and confidence form the basis of negotiations.

He further expressed the hope that the issue would be resolved under a friendly atmosphere.

The diplomat viewed the interests of Iran and the world community in the face of Iraq and Afghanistan as close, and pointed to the establishment of peace, economic welfare and rule of democracy in the said two countries as among issues which could form a proper shared ground for mutual cooperation as they are stressed by both sides.

Jeffery Adams also said that support for the formation of two countries and governments in Palestine sets the West’s policy in this regard, noting that the stances and policies of Iran and western countries are different in the face of the Palestinian issue.

Meantime, the British envoy reminded that both sides could make further efforts to find a solution to the Palestinian issue.

Also pointing to Iran’s tendency for privatization and absorption of foreign capitals, he stressed that British traders and investors are profoundly interested in participating in economic plans and projects in Iran.

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