Pro Harriri Sniper Arrested by Lebanese Army

A023289812.jpgTEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- The Lebanese army arrested a sniper affiliated to the al-Mostaqbal party – led by Saad Harriri – on charges of opening fire on the protesting students of al-Arabiah University.

According to FNA dispatches from Beirut, proponents of the ruling coalition March 14 have opened fire on people from rooftops and windows and killed and wounded a large number of unarmed people who were protesting against the policies of Siniora’s government.

The Lebanese TV station al-Menar has just broadcast footages of armed assaults on civilians from a well-known café in Tariq al-Jadidah.

The café owner, Hassan Seydani, has refrained from commenting on the pictures.

Proponents of al-Mostaqbal also last night strove to attack a congregation of the opposition in two squares in Beirut, but they had to retreat after facing a strong resistance by the public.

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