A special letter Please suggest me what I do for my faith/They said SHIA KILL TO IMAM HUSSAIN!!!

pakistan.jpgI am from France and Pakistani national. I want to inform all the Shias about some TODAYS YAZEEDI.
Here in UK some Masajids of DEOBANDI/WAHABIS are preparing young uneducated persons with YAZEEDI BLOOD all over the World. Yesterday I here their MAJLIS which was adress by late AZAM TARIQ/DOG. and after their MAJLIS they take about 5 hours in MIND WASHING of young mans.
They abusing to IMAM – E – ZAMANA (A.S),Ahllybait and abusing to SHIAs those celebrate ASSURA.They said SHIA KILL TO IMAM HUSSAIN A.S
They further, plane to kill SHIAs of PAKISTAN.Their whole meeting clear that GOVERNMENT OF KUWAIT and SAUDI ARABIA GOVERNMENT supporting these terorrists. They also abusing to IMAM HUMENI.
Please do something for SHIAs of PAKISTAN. As their enemy have MADRISAS in which they plann everything while our SHIA MAJORITY busy in their daily life.
I request to GOVERNMENT OF IRAN please say to PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN GEN. MUSHRAF to take strict action in TRIBLE AREAS OF PAKISTAN and in PUNJAB especially in MADRISAS.to control these YAZEEDIS.
Please suggest me what I do for my faith. I want to kill these peoples those abuse to IMAM E ZAMANA.
If you also want to listen their propoganda against SHIAs and AHLALBAIT you can listen from PALTALK.
I can give you their room detail.

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